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How It Works

It's so EASY!

1, We weigh your empty container / bottle

2, You can then fill your containers, or we can do it for you 

3, We weigh your full container / bottle

4, You pay and have a lovely day 

There should usually be two of us serving in the shop on Saturdays. The queue won't be too long and we are always happy to help and explain what to do, especially if it is your first visit. 

You can bring your own (clean) containers and refill them with as much or as little as you want. We always encourage you to re-use  containers / bottles you have got at home or office rather than sending them to landfill.


We always say : If you've got it - use it! 

Please don't panic if you forget to bring your containers, we have paper bags which you can use ( please try to reuse it at least 4 x times before you put it in your compost or paper recycling bin). For liquids, you can purchase Miniml 500ml with a child lock lid and various sizes of amber glass bottles. (subject of availability)

Little changes can make a huge impact. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to reduce single-use plastic.

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