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Our Story

We've always tried our hardest to follow a Plastic Free Life, but with the nearest shop over 40 minutes away we thought the only way forward was to start our own. The initial idea came in January 2019 and then it built and built. It took us weeks to come up with the name "The Replenishery", we wanted something unique that summed up what we were doing, so this was the one. It then took us weeks to pick a logo! Making decisions clearly isn't our forte. Saying that we ploughed on and found a location we agreed on, picked our suppliers in record time and decided to get our keys and open within a week.


Our shop opened on Saturday 15th June is 2019

We were so excited to open a Zero Waste Plastic Free Shop in Leigh and the people of Leigh (and the surrounding areas) didn't let us down, thank you so much to everyone that came on our opening day and beyond.

Oli and Ian


I say small, but we are both over 6ft


Owner and Ever Present in the Shop

Oli grew up in the Czech Republic and has lived in the UK since 2006. All of Oli's previous jobs have been customer focussed, but she got tired of working for "the man" and wanted to make a difference, this was the perfect outlet.

A master of four languages, but still ask her to say Grapefruit - you won't be disappointed :) 


Full-Time Saturday Boy

Ian grew up in Leigh and apart from a brief foray teaching English in the Czech Republic has lived in the area all his life.

You'll be seeing more of him in the shop nowadays as the lockdown of 2020 has meant his previous full-time employment has finished. Working in the Replenishery is a much better way to spend the day though.

1 John Street, Leigh, Lancs, WN7 1DG

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