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Our Story


 Since we met we always tried our hardest to be as plastic free as possible, waste as little food as possible and use eco friendly products. 

The closest shops were at least 50 mins away and so in the hunt for something nearer we opened The Replenishery on Saturday, the 15th of June 2019. We wanted be here for everyone who lives close by and has a similar outlook as us.

 Thank you so much for keeping us busy since day one, during the lock down and nowadays.

Olga and Ian


I say small, but we are both over 6ft


Olga grew up in the Czech Republic and has lived in the UK since 2006.

She loves to take pictures, so be prepared she will ask you if she can photograph you and your jars. 

Ask her to say Grapefruit - you won't be disappointed :) 


Ian grew up in Leigh and apart from a brief foray teaching English in the Czech Republic has lived in the area all his life.


He loves quizzes and he is the one, who made our food labels a bit more fun by adding some interesting facts about products. :)

Ask him anything about cooking, he is the number one chef in our household.

1 John Street, Leigh, Lancs, WN7 1DG

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