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Tank Coffee Beans - Espresso Africa 250g

Tank Coffee Beans - Espresso Africa 250g

A delicious, well-balanced blend with a firm velvety body, Espresso Africa has become a favourite blend for many of Tank’s favourite businesses, cafes, and restaurants.

It delivers a smooth latte, a delicious cappuccino, and of course an amazing espresso hit with all the fruity complexity you’d expect from the African continent.


Espresso Africa is a blend of Ethiopian, Burundi and Tanzanian beans


All roasted at Tank Coffee headquarters here in Leigh 


Best before date: upon request

  • Extra Information

    Please note if you order multiple amounts we will try to fit them in as few paper bags as possible (unless you specify in the comments you want a particular split).

    Although we make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate, occasionally product details may vary due to circumstances beyond our control, e.g. country of origin may vary due to availability of commodities. We do not accept liability in these situations.

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