Niskama Skincare - Natural Cosmetics

Niskama Skincare - Natural Cosmetics



NISKAMA skincare is based in Cornwall, by the beautiful river Gannel.

It was founded by natural medicine lover and pharmacist, Sylwia Wojtasik. 

Sylwia's aim is not only to provide you with luxurious home spa products, but also encourage and help to educate about a healthy living lifestyle which incorporates: diet, exercise, traditional home treatments and remedies.

Sylwia believes that it is better to prevent than cure and what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put inside your body.


All Niskama products are suitable for Vegans.


NEW PRODUCT DAILY, gentle, creamy, 2 in 1 Face Cleansing mousse & make-up remover all in one jar. The combination of ROSE WATER, ALOE VERA, oils, natural foaming agent and PINK CLAY effortlesly melts away make-up and impurities while providing a nourishing daily cleanse.

How to use:

1. Scoop a dollop of the mousse with a clean finger and massage it onto dry or damp skin on your face, neck and eyes.

2. Rinse with warm water or use REUSABLE FACE WIPES / KONJAC SPONGE. ( both avaiable in our shop).

3. If wearing make-up repeat step 1. and 2. 


Coffee & Green tea antioxidant body scrub - This aromatic body scrub helps to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins accumulated in your skin. It is packed with ingredients carefully chosen like coffee powder, green tea, juniper berry, ginger and rosemary which have high antioxidant and diuretic effect on the skin leaving it firm and silky soft. 

The herbal scent is so INVIGORATING that it will boost your energy for the day.


Dry skin relief body balm - This multifunctional body bar based on deeply nourishing cocoa and shea butter replenishes your skin. Combined with exotically scented aphrodisiac ylang ylang essential oil and calming lavender oil will leave your skin soft, moisturised and smooth.


Gentle Smoothing Face Polish - Boost the circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells using this fragrant, delicate face scrub loaded with exclusive plant extracts. Delicate, natural hydroxyacids will exfoliate the skin, leaving a new, bright complexion underneath. All the above combined with nourishing plant oils will deeply refresh and moisturise even dull and grey skin without GREASY FEELING!


Mini Starter Kit - Are you new to natural skincare? Give it a go and try! Now available mini versions of our four cosmetics packed in recyclable gift box:ORGANIC FACE OIL FOR HEALTHY SKIN 2mlGENTLE SMOOTHING FACE POLISH 5gSEA BUCKTHORN FACE CREAM 10mlDRY SKIN RELIEF BODY BALM 5g


Nutrient Boost Daily Moisturizer - Have you ever tried the luxuriously nourishing combination of Sea Buckthorn, Evening Primrose, Green Tea and Olive Squalene? I have created your every day hydrating moisturizer rich in Vitamin C, Gamma linoleic acid and antioxidants. The nourishing, protecting effects of this gentle, alcohol-free day&night cream help to prevent premature ageing. It is the most divine cream you will have ever used.




Organic Face Oil for healthy skin - Our organic face oil is based on 6 precious, ORGANIC plant oils (tamanu, coconut, wheatgerm, calendula, sweet almond and sunfower) rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and antiooxidants. The oil will calm, regenerate and moisturize even sensitive and allergic skin. You can expect an improvement of skin irritation, blemishes and even breakouts (thanks to Tamanu oil)! Also apply the oil to minor cuts and grazes to promote healing.


Full list of ingredients for each of the products can be found at


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