Maistic Bin Liners - 30l

Maistic Bin Liners - 30l

Maistic Compostable Bin Liners 30l - 10 bin bags


Maistic compostable bin liners or compostable bin bags are made from compostable bioplastic. It leaves no micro plastics when decomposing. Compostable is the most environmental friendly compared to biodegradable or degradable plastics.


MAISTIC - 30 Litre 2.GEN HOME Compostable Waste bags/Bin Liners are bio based, made of 2nd generation Vincotte certified HOME Compostable bioplastic. They contain no environmentally harmful chemical neither produces micro plastic that end up in our rivers, lakes, sea and subterraneous water sources.

Features of compostable bin liners:


no micro plastics

bioplastic made from agricultural waste

used corn is organically grown


GMO free

Size: 65 x 50cm

30 litres

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