Hair Bobbles from Eco Bumble

Hair Bobbles from Eco Bumble

Mini Mixed 2-Pack of eco-friendly bobbles in black and natural.

These hair ties are the perfect balance of firm but not too tight. They are fantastic at holding hair over long periods and have been tested with fantastic reviews so far. The band is individually sewn and then tied to ensure there is no join, so they are snag-free and need no plastic or metal bond. They also look fantastic on your wrist.

Synthetic hair ties can take 500 years to break down but these bobbles are 100% biodegradable, sustainable, recyclable (not that we think you'd ever want to!) and therefore a much more eco-friendly version of the usual hair elastic.

Everything is handmade in Manchester and includes complimentary plastic-free shipping. We strongly believe in affordable alternatives to encourage people to "go green", we think this product is the most affordable environmentally friendly alternative available.

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