• Ian Morris

What's on the menu tonight?

Eating Zero Waste meals can be pretty tricky. In our opinion, it's all about preparation. If you can sit down and plan ahead, then you won't have to make any last minute dashes to the supermarket where getting the ingredients plastic free will be nigh on impossible. If you take your containers with you, then you can ask for them to be used instead of plastic bags and cling film.

Sourcing your ingredients will become easier with practice, of course you can come to The Replenishery for all of your dried goods, but what about other things that you might require that we don't stock such as fruit, veg, meat and bread.

Visiting the local market is a definite plus, in Leigh you can get your fruit and veg from the market and (every time we have been) they don't bat an eyelid that you are using your own bags and the proceed to give them 5 mushrooms to weigh loose. When it comes to meat, the local butcher is your friend, just take your own containers and ask them to fill them up, it might take a bit of education on their part the first couple of times, but they have no reason to use plastic if you don't want it.

Let us know if you have used any local businesses who are happy to be plastic free in the comments below.

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